Krisanthium Offset Printing

As a leading commercial printing company,our company was established in 1972, known as Union Printing Company, located at Jalan Kedungdoro 50 Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia. Ten years later, on August 24th, 1982, the company moved into a new location (later known as our head office), Jalan Rungkut Industri III / 19 Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia, and entering a new level of life in printing business, under a new company name, PT. Krisanthium Offset Printing.

With more than 25 years of experience in printing, we are specializing in packaging printing. Supported by well-trained employees and highly - motivated staffs, we are ready to fulfil our customers various needs. Consistantly maintaining the quality of our products and improving it to a higher level has always been our main business guideline. To achieve maximum quality, we operate two main unit factories located in Surabaya East Java - Indonesia and we also have two sister company, PT. Imperial Nusantara, located in Trosobo, Sidoarjo, East Java - Indonesia, and PT. Serunigraf Jaya Sentosa, located in Cikarang, West Java – Indonesia.